Kids at your wedding
Every wedding celebration is like a little life condensed in 1 day for the newlyweds and their guests. An event like this can often get overwhelming for the adults. But what about the little ones?
When planning a wedding, the chances are some of your guests, if not the newlyweds themselves, will bring in children. Some families cannot bear leaving their little ones at home, some just really like their kids to be a part of the celebration, while some simply have no one to look after them on the day of the event. So, it is a long party and there are kids involved. How to make both adults and little ones enjoy the celebration as much as possible? Here are some tips…

Kids corner

kids at wedding

We created this fun and colorful kids corner, and they loved to eat sitting on the floor for a change

A must at any wedding with children involved! While adults will be partying and catching up with newlyweds and friends, kids can also enjoy their time and make new friends! No matter if it’s just a couple of kids or more,, they can have their own table with coloring books and stickers to pass the time with a fun activity at hand. Note that parents with toddlers might still require a place at the adult’s table, depending on how independent and comfortable with strangers each child is and ask the venue if they provide baby chairs.
Extra-tip: consider making it easy for the parents to relax and enjoy your wedding by setting the kids corner somewhere within easy reach and in direct sight of the parents, if possible. Also, don’t set it near the stairs, pool, lake, in full sun if outdoors or near an exit door that goes straight in the street.

Children animator

children playing face painting

Keep children busy and parents will be free to enjoy your party and your company. Photo: unsplash.com

If there are quite a few children, consider hiring a children animator for the reception hours. An animator will come with toys,fun games, even music! And most of the time, you can choose a character all children love, like a superhero! This way kids will not only get to know each other and have fun but will be a great chance for them to learn something new.

Extra-tip: set up for success and ask the parents what their children’s favourite character is and choose the most liked one. Consider if there are new animated movies that are a box office hit, children most likely just watch it a hundred times and would love to meet a character.
Venue access. Always think about how your guests will be reaching the place of the ceremony and reception. If it’s in the mountains, on a hill, in a castle or a venue with many steps, the guests should know about it beforehand. You should consider if the venue is child friendly to start with and assess whether a baby stroller will be easy to bring along.

Sleeping options

We all know that kids have long lasting batteries, but so much noise and new people can be tiring for them. Plus, sleep is very important, especially for the little ones. Therefore, if your guest list includes new parents with infants or toddlers, when booking a venue consider asking in advance if they have a special room on site where children could be breastfed, changed or even sleep and check it out on a visit to make sure it is close to the main area and it looks proper. Parents will thank you for being so thoughtful.

Toys and gifts

toys for children at wedding

Toys can also keep children busy and entertained. Photo: unsplash.com

Believe it or not, it is easy to befriend children if you have… toys. Bubbles, candies, coloring books and pencils, stickers, kites, balls… Anything will do depending on the weather and the venue! A gift bag for the little ones given to them upon arrival might very well ease your life for the whole evening! As long as there are enough games and toys in it. Kids are easily bored, hence, having a variety of options is the best. Get them board games, puzzles, interactive books, notebooks for drawing to keep them busy! Don’t forget to top it up with a child friendly candy bar and lots of yummy fruits. It will definitely do the trick.

Extra-tip: Don’t forget to make sure that all the toys and gifts are appropriate and safe for their age. If they are mixed ages, consider buying those that are safe for the little ones and which the older ones will still enjoy, like drawing books with different difficulty levels.


When it comes to children, every detail matters. They are very sensitive, both physically and emotionally. No scary clowns allowed! No bad food either! Mind the level of sugar in that candy bar and give plenty of fruit options. Don’t forget about the kids menu! Enquire from the parents all the information about allergies and diet specifics. Health is important, especially when it comes to children.


There are so many details to consider when having little ones at a wedding. Their safety and happiness is always a priority and will make sure if you want your event to run smoothly and will be enjoyed by everyone.
Don’t want to miss anything out? Trust your wedding planner! Just let us know in advance and we will consider everything for you. With us, the event will be magical for guests of any age.

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