How to choose your wedding date
Choosing the date of your wedding is the first big step after the engagement! It should be the first thing you do, as everything else will be built and coordinated depending on it. Booking the venue, choosing the dress and suit according to the weather, deciding on the wedding theme and then everything else. So, let’s see what you should consider when deciding what’s the perfect date for your wedding!

Keep an eye on public holidays

One of the most important aspect is to carefully check your calendar for public holidays. Remember that not only big holidays like Easter, Christmas or New Year can make the prices go up and have lower availability for venues or accommodation. Even a one day holiday that’s linked to a weekend can mess up your plans quite easily. So if your dream is to have a Christmas Fairytale wedding, plan at least 1 year ahead or more. Same applies if you don’t want your guests to have to take days off specifically for your wedding and are considering a long weekend wedding. Another issue you should keep in mind is that during public holidays, a lot of services may become unavailable, so make sure all the papers are ready on time. A great idea could be to consider moving your chosen date a week prior or after these holidays. However, if you are on a budget, make sure you steer clear of these highly busy dates.

Double check the date with friends & family

Besides public holidays, sometimes it might be best to not match your wedding date with birthdays and other important dates that your family or friends might have. Make sure that all the people you absolutely need on your wedding day will be able to make it and be considerate to their own plans. Also, when having a destination wedding it’s best to have enought time to enjoy the wedding aaaand the destination, so spending time with your loved ones doesn’t feel rushed and less enjoyable. 1 day of free spare time for activities, relaxing beach time or a short trip to venture out of the venue is the bare minimum required.

Don’t forget aboout church holidays

If you are planning to also have a religious ceremony, the church calendar of holidays should be checked first thing. There are many occasions on which due to religious holidays weddings can not be held, especially during fasting periods.

Off-season is THE season!

Booking off-season can help you not only find availability at your favorite venues and vendors, but also get a better deal! As off-season means less work for providers, many of them offer good discounts to get more bookings. When choosing this option, the chances of people being on holidays are also lower, so you’ll be able to enjoy a less crowded destination. Off-season is usually during autumn, winter and early spring. If you are worried about the weather, opt for beginning or end of the season or opt for a destination wedding that has enjoyable weather all year round, like Cyprus!

Consider a destination wedding

And, of course, a great tip is to always consider having a destination wedding! If your favorite venue in town is booked, check a similar one abroad! Is it high season in your country and everything’s expensive? Find a destination that is off season at that moment. Want a beach wedding during the middle of the winter? Sure, everything is possible with a destination wedding and your guests will thank you for the short break between their yearly planned vacations.
And that’s the tea! Choosing the date of your wedding is an essential step when planning the celebration. No mistakes made! If you have any questions and/or in need of advice, consult with a wedding professional. We, at Destination Wedding Romania would love to help planning your dream day! For any enquiries, please, send us a message at ido@destinationwedding.ro.

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