Tips for a Hot Wedding Day
Summer is on full speed now! Heatwaves are crushing Europe mercilessly! It’s incredibly hot in most of the countries. Therefore, it’s a perfect time to think how to make sure your summer wedding doesn’t turin into a HOT mess!  Here are some tips and tricks on how to make the day easier for both you, the newlyweds, and your guests….

Water! A lot of it!

hot summer wedding tips

Infused water station – pretty and useful to keep your guests hydrated

During a wedding, there are moment when the guests are being left alone, waiting, with not much to do but chat. While waiting for the bride to go down the aisle, while the newlyweds are having their photo-shooting, while transporting to the reception venue… On a hot summer day it might become a torture if there is not enough water! Of course, finger food and welcome drinks are a solution but staying hydrated with plain water is crucial. Get some spare bottles for everywhere – ceremony venue, transportation bus, terrace of the location. And for those who are not keen on drinking plain water, there are many pretty options of infused water. Your guests will thank you immensely!

Fans for fun and actual use!

wooden wedding fan summer

Fans can also make an excelent wedding favour for your guests. Photo: unsplash.com

As a cute detail and an actually useful tip – prepare fans! Put a basket upon the entry of the venue and the ones who feel especially heated can help themselves to by generating some wind on a hot day. A couple of umbrellas against the sun can also help the ones suffering from the heat the most, especially the elderly. For kids, get a couple of funny bucket hats as souvenirs and actual protection from the sun.

Prepare the venue!

nunta in aer liber toscana

Outdoor Wedding? Think about installing some cooling system or mist fans

If you know the weather on your wedding day will be hot, check in with both ceremony and reception venues in advance and enquire about air conditioning! Let them know that the location should be fully ventilated and cooled down before the arrival of the guests. See if there is a possibility of adding water sprinkles to the terrace, as you can see on streetside cafes in the summer. Think about the sweets and other foods and drinks that can be affected by the heat and ask the venue to be extra-careful with food so it doesn’t spoil fast.

Consult with the makeup artist

As a bride, you probably want to use at least some makeup for such a special occasion. Women who wear any kind of makeup every now and then know that it can become a real torture on a hot day. Sweating under a layer of highlighter with your lipstick melting down is not a particularly pleasant experience. So, knowing your wedding can become very hot, consult with the makeup artist! Let her know you wish to get some lighter makeup than was planned. Ask if there are chances of creating the look you want with less components. Enquire if there are heat-friendly alternatives to certain products. There are also many refreshers for the face which do not disturb the make up. Ask about it and be fully prepared!

Think about your dress

summer bridal dress with hat

Photo: Divine Atelier

Obviously, most women have the perfect dress in mind long before the day X. However, not each and every one of them might match the chosen season for the wedding. While having a celebration in the mid-summer, it can become quite a challenge to not sweat tons through a big, fluffy, long dress with sleeves and a lot of additional details. Besides the fact that some dresses are simply heavy, the style also matters. While not fully giving up your dream dress, think of the way you can wear it or adjust it towards hot weather. Maybe shorter sleeves? Or less skirts underneath? See for yourself!
These are just a few tips on how to make your wedding day bearable on a hot day. If you require additional support and would like to book a consultation with us, simply hit us up at ido@destinationwedding.ro! We are always here to help and wish you a pleasant celebration in any weather.

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