Creative ideas for your wedding
Your wedding is such a special event! How to make it even better, you may ask? Pay attention to details! Make it fun! Be creative! This way, neither you nor your guests will ever forget it! Let your wedding stand out amongst others! Here are some creative ideas for little (and not so little) areas of wedding planning…

Wedding tables

If the set up for the reception involves more than one table, then they will have to be numbered somehow. It must be done in order to create a seating plan and help guests find the correct seat easier. One of the details that might seem insignificant at first but can actually become very memorable is naming the tables. Do you absolutely love music! Give your table music bands names like: Queen, Pink Floyd, The Beatles.… Guests would love to be seated at a table like this, especially if you can make it meaningful or match their vibe.  Movies can also be an idea or anything else that represents you.
wedding music tables theme

Photographer | Wedoitforlove

Smart gifts!

Another great gift idea for the gusets is charity-connected. Many non-profit organizations supporting great causes sell little things to raise money. Why not buy little heart-shaped badges as a little gift for the guests, knowing that the profits will go to charity?
books wedding favor

Photographer | Julia Newman Photography

Throwing your bouquet!

Oh, the bouquet throwing process… It is such a fun part of the big day! But this fun activity can sometimes get violent, you never know how much one wants to get married… Why not think of a new interesting way to pass on your bridal bouquet? One of them would be to use ribbons! Connect ribbons to the bouquet but tie only one to it. Share the other ends of the ribbons amongst the single ladies and let them see which one of them would actually reach the bouquet! 
bridal bouquet throw ribbons

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These are just a few ideas on how to make your wedding day more memorable. Think about what is the closest to your heart and go for it! There are no templates or frames you should fit into, go crazy! Make all of your wildest dreams come true on your wedding day.

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