Getting Married in a Pandemic. Do’s and Don’t’s
Getting married is obviously an important step in the life of many. When planning a wedding, you as the main character of the event want your guests to feel good by providing the best possible entertainment, catering and generally all the additional conditions which make the wedding one of the most festive celebrations. But what if you are stuck in a global pandemic, affecting all of the fun parts of getting married?
Of course, there is no good or bad time for love. It comes when it wants and when it feels right for two people. You can obviously tie the knot at any time but the celebratory part of it comes in question these days as now, by March 2021, the whole world is stuck in a pandemic which affects not only day-to-day plans but also big events.

So you want to tie the knot. Now.

No time to wait, it just has to be done. What’s next?


First thing you need to know: civil marriage is not a problem at all and can be done almost as in normal times. You can apply and simply go to the city hall to officially become husband and wife. Just wash your hands and wear a mask inside! Make sure to check the restrictions in the chosen location, the opening times and if there are any special requirements.

Secondly, think about the size of the wedding. Some people enjoy small ceremonies, others want to invite all of their classmates, family, family friends and all distant relatives. With the pandemic still going on, the maximum capacity of any venue you decided to choose is affected. Some run on only 30% capacity, some are allowed to welcome up to 50 people, some may accept more outdoors but with the negative PCR test. So check these aspects individually with the chosen venue and also the overall number of cases in the country.

What to do if you want a destination wedding?

Check the borders! Travels and transportations ways are restricted all over the world now. You can play on the safe side and opt for a small wedding of 20 – 50 people, which will also make it more fun, easier to handle and personalized. And why not jump straight to an elopement with just you two? This is a very romantic, intimate way to celebrate this special moment and will leave you the option to do a big party with your loved ones when better times come.

A destination wedding can also mean going to a lovely venue within the country, just a few hours drive. Every country has its own hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. For example, in Romania you can find anything from castles and manors to natural mountain beauties, lakes, seaside… You name it! Our wedding planners are happy to help you to find a stunning location that’s perfect for you. If you are based in Europe, going to a neighbouring country is also always an option! It is always easier (and safer these days) to travel by car. And the number of beautiful places for a wedding you don’t know about yet is endless!

What about a wedding planner?

When preparing for a wedding, especially if it’s a destination one, the help of professionals will most likely be needed.

Just to mention a few of the benefits of hiring a wedding planner:


Wedding planners have been providing these services for a while and know how tackle the challenges that might come up.
Know the in’s and out’s, the trips and tricks and the do’s and dont’s, especially in these difficult times.
They can help you understand all restrictions and evaluate all the risks so you can make an informed decision
Also, they have a network of suppliers and are more capable to handle situations in case  of cancellation or postponing the wedding.
They will take care of the needed aspects for you so you can focus on enjoying the upcoming celebration rather than the stressful ones.
Will ensure your event goes smoothly and looks as close to what you have been dreaming of as possible.

However, even though wedding planners do work wonders,  in this global pandemic there are some things that are out of control even for them. When booking the services of a wedding planner, you should keep in mind that the outside circumstances (closed borders and/or any other restrictions connected to coronavirus) are not something that they can change. However, they, just like you, believe in the best outcome and put their time and effort into getting ready for your celebration. If something goes wrong, you should still consider the amount of energy that they put into the planning of the event. Wedding planners will inform before booking about all the the risks. So listen carefully and make sure the venue is willing to postpone the wedding, should the travelling restrictions change. This will ensure that you will still be able to enjoy your wedding at a later time.

To conclude, here are some Do’s and Don’t’s:

  • Constantly check restrictions!
  • Do your research about the options to have a wedding within the country or in the countries easily reachable.
  • Check the option to postpone the wedding if needed.
  • Consider having a smaller wedding or an elopement.
  • Be realistic, generally.
  • Expect everything to go perfectly smooth (can’t stress this enough in this time of uncertainty!)
  • Book anything before checking the capacity requirements
  • Blame everything on the wedding planner, be considerate!
  • Don’t get too upset if something goes wrong. After all, the celebration can be postponed and the most important thing is that you came to a point where you want to spend the rest of your life together with someone you love dearly and deeply.

Aaaand that’s a wrap! We hope some things are clearer now and you will keep the above in mind while planning your magical wedding disregarding the world’s conditions. Because there is nothing  truly impossible for those in love (even in a pandemic)

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