Elopement by the lake
Elopements and intimate weddings have their perks and we love them because they bring into light never seen before wedding venues that are otherwise inaccessible to a large wedding with hundreds of guests. This gives uniqueness and personal touch to your special day, making it truly memorable! In Romania there are countless small hidden gems just waiting to be discovered and personalized for elopements or small weddings.
We focused our styled shooting on creating an intimate space of connection between pure love and pure nature. So we chose a pristine location nestled in the heart of the mountains, quiet, green and with a gorgeous lake in the background.
The venue offers perfect accessibility, being situated less than 1 hour drive from Cluj Napoca International Airport and from the charming transylvanian city of Cluj.The wooden deck on the lake is the main attraction and it’s the perfect setting for an intimate ceremony. We chose to frame it with green leaves instead of flowers, making it to blend perfectly with the surrounding scenery. From the villa you can discover secret pathways leading to perfect spots for a wedding photshooting in the woods.The venue consists of 3 small villas built at the foothills, each with perfect lake view and a total bedding capacity of 24 people.

Elopements in Romania – why?

1. Romania’s natural landscape variety: from the majestic Carpathian Mountains with towering trees and shimmering lakes to soft vineyard hills, lavender fields and up to the beautiful sandy beaches at the Black Sea.

2. Situated where the East meets the West, Romania offers enchanting sites, with inspiring cultural cocktails that blend Oriental poetics, French sophistication, medieval thrill and contemporary esthetics.The wedding venues are within budget reach and style preference of any couple: from the Transylvanian medieval castles, historical manors and palaces, to the natural beauties blending in the woods, slow life traditional villages, chic country barns,  to the charms of the South and the wilderness of Danube Delta, in Romania you can find your own personal wonderland.

3. Romanians know how to eat well, love their wines, and party hard until morning! So rest assured, you and your guests will enjoy our way of feasting and celebrating!

Our team caters to your dreams and creates an authentic space for your celebrations. We are animated by passion, dedicated to the highest standards of work and ethics and are happy to travel anywhere with our adventurous couples!
For this styled shooting we put together the perfect team of vendors whose talent and dedication transformed the venue into pure beauty

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