Why get married in Greece
We absolutely love this destination wedding and we just can’t help being crazy happy whenever we book a destination wedding here. Even during this pandemic times, we still managed to pull of some really stunning weddings on this land of gods. Want to know why we consider this destination to be so fantastic for weddings?
Then let’s simply go down the list of what makes this destination just perfect for weddings…

✔️ Gorgeous pictures

Deck wedding in Greece

Deck wedding in beautiful Greece

We know you already knew this SOOO obvious reason. Everybody knows it! Even if you’ve traveled many times to Greece, it still feels breathtaking whenever you revisit. Greece is famously known for its perfect melange of dark navy and turquoise sea with crystal clear waters and laid back sandy beaches. But it’s not all it can offer! Green hills of olive trees, mountain peaks, soaring cliffs and, sometimes, all of these combined! This country is an absolute gem and there’s no other way to put it. Especially for the ones getting married! You know for sure you will cross out gorgeous pictures from your wedding list.

✔️Variety of places

beach in halkidiki

Pristine beach in Halkidiki Peninsula

Greece consist of many islands for all tastes and budgets! Whichever’s your type, Greece has it! Famous Santorini with narrow streets and cliff views of the Caldera? High end Mykonos with fancy restaurants, hotels and A M A Z I N G shopping? Huge Crete, full of history and every possible service you might ever need? Northern Greece with Halkidiki and Thassos within easy reach by car and equally beautiful? Or would you rather fall for a tucked away island with rural charm and secluded beaches? And why not Athens, one of the oldest cities in Europe, full of history and mythical corners and with stunning beaches just 20 minutes away. You decide, if you can, if not, we LOVE to help!

✔️Easily accesibly by car/ plane

Besides all the obvious perks of the country, we should always keep in mind the location! For us, as a romanian-based agency, this is our heavenly delightful neighbour. Getting to the country is basically effortless! If you are as lucky as we are, going to Greece from a neighbouring place may be just as easy as traveling within your own country. And even if you are a bit further away, Greece is heavily connected to all main cities of Europe, so flying in is most of the time just a direct flight away. And besides regular airlines, during the summer season you can find plenty of charter flights that cater for the most beloved islands of Greece.

✔️Something to visit around

athens acropolis

Our destination wedding team at the foot of the Acropolis in Athens

When thinking of Greece, we all associate it with the land of mytical greek gods and rich ancient history. Famous places like Mt Olympus, Sparta or Corinth, imposing temples and acropolis at every step. Also, Greece is home to some of the most brilliant minds the world has ever had: Hippocrates in medicine and Euclid, Archimedes, Pythagoras, Plato and Aristotle in in mathematics and philosophy, just to name a few. When talking about a destination wedding, we always think of staying at the place for longer than a day or two. So if you choose Greece for a week, you and your guests can immerse into this insanely rich history!

✔️Delicious food

Ahhh…and the food. We love it so much that foods like gyros, souvlaki, feta cheese, haloumi, greek salad or tzatziki have literally became part of our diet and greek restaurants are our go to places whenever we feel the need to eat something really yummy. Need I say more about the food?


Last but not least, Greece is still very affordable comparing to many other seaside destinations, which is why Greece is on our affordable destination weddings list. You can read more about it on our blog post here: Top 5 affordable destinations for your wedding in 2021.


Oh, Greece, the place of our hearts! Delicious food, gentle sea, centuries of history in the air… Perfect in every way! To see some of our recent weddings in Greece, visit our Instagram at @destinationweddingromania. To book your own dream wedding, simply email us at ido@destinationwedding.ro.


Until then, καλημέρα!

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